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Useful Links to More Knowledge about Propulsion

Why Use A Ducted Propeller Or Ducted Fan?

How to get 130 pounds of Thrust with only a 12 hp Engine

The VTOL Hiller Flying Platform--Build Your Own!

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The Hiller 1031-A-1 Flying Platform
Picture Courtesy of Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum


Visit OUR Other Websites for Even More Propeller Solutions

Bolly Hovercraft, Airboat and Aircraft Propellers

Original and Ultra-Prop ll Propellers and Parts


Do you need an aircraft engine for your propeller?

Revmaster aircrsft engine VW based engine

Revmaster R-2300 VW-Based 85 HP Aircraft Engine-- Call  1-251-609-0969 --PRICING Completely assembled and test run before shipping…$9,400.00 USD., plus shipping cost.  Includes E4340 forged four main bearing, forged custom aviation stroker crankshaft, starter, alternator system, dual CDI ignition, oil cooler, oil filter, large capacity oil pump, intake manifold, RevFlow carburetor with mixture control, SAE1 Propeller bolt pattern, 85 HP at 3200 rpm continuous, 170 pounds dry.  OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES ARE AVAILABLE such as Exhaust system, engine mount, engine mount hardware, prop crush plate and alternate air source/ram air filter assembly.  This engine is not limited to only wood propellers !  Revmaster has been in business continually since 1959 !  Our own custom made wood propellers and our Sensenich carbon adjustable propellers are available for this engine, Call 1-251-609-0969

Revnaster Thrust Bearing and flange  setup

The Revmaster propeller flange and their unique thrust bearing setup shown above. No "shrink-fit" prop flange to break your crankshaft or to come loose causing your propeller to depart from your aircraft  Since the thrust load is absorbed by the thrust bearing on the propeller shaft next to the propeller, the crankshaft journals are not being pulled or pushed, or otherwise highly stressed, by the hundreds of pounds of thrust produced by the propeller. Other VW-based engine conversions use the main bearing on the flywheel end of the engine as their "thrust bearing",  on the opposite end of the engine where the propeller is mounted !!

Free Boat Plans for the Adventure of a Lifetime

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Get your FREE Flying Boat Plans HERE

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Leon's FREE 30 Foot+ Catamaran Sailboat/Power Boat Plans--Very Easy to Build for about $16K USD !


Our Telephone Numbers:
  1-251-609-0969 in United States
+1-251-609-0969 outside United States

Our Email:  hoverhawkcorp(at)gmail.com
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More Interesting Links 

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