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We ship WORLD-WIDE our High Quality, Custom-Made Laminated Wooden Propellers for many common or unique applications.  We continue to expand our line of products to serve our customers' needs.

Hoverhawk Custom-Made, Wood Propellers for Aircraft, Airboats, Hovercraft, Ultralights, UAVs, Drones, VTOL, Wind Makers and Ventilation

Hoverhawk Custom Wooden Propeller 

 There are many blade configurations available, for high & low speed craft; for high & low prop RPM

Hoverhawk wooden propeller 2

Hoverhawk Wood Propeller 4

Our Most Popular Propeller Sizes

32 to 38 inch diameter----- $395 USD
39 to 45 inch diameter----- $429 USD
46 to 58 inch diameter----- $649 USD
59 to 61 inch diameter----- $729 USD
62 to 67 inch diameter----- $785 USD

68 to 70 inch diameter----- $875 USD
 71 to 72 inch diameter----- $829 USD
73 to 77 inch diameter----- $879 USD
78 to 85 inch diameter--- CALL

Add Painted Tips for $39 USD

Our propellers are 2-blade, laminated wood propellers with in-laid urethane leading edges, clear varnished, LH or RH rotation. These high-quality, professionally manufactured propellers may be used direct-drive on such engines as VW, Jabiru, Continental, Lycoming, Subaru, UL Power, Teledyne and industrial direct-drive engines or with propeller reduction drives when appropriate. They may also be used on electric motors as well.  These propellers bolt onto your provided "flange". If needed, we have some flange kits made to fit straight, keyed output shafts for up to 35 hp and for a stock 1600 cc VW engine of about 50 HP. All propeller bolt patterns are available to fit the appropriate propeller.

VW 1600 cc engine propeller flange kit

Shrink-Fit Propeller Flange Kit for Stock 1600 cc & 1/2 VW Engines--$279 USD
No engine modification required to install this flange kit

Blade pitch and blade width to suit the particular application based on the customer-provided information. Cruise speed, engine horsepower, maximum propeller rpm and other information provided by the customer are used, or you may order the specific diameter and pitch you want.  See the specific customer-provided information listed below that is required before we can make your application-specific customer wood propeller. Allow 6 to 8 weeks to ship from the date of your order.  Some propellers may require a little more time due to their complexity.


Propeller is securely shipped to you in an internally-padded wood shipping box

Call or email us to request a propeller suggestion, quote or to place your order,
Or use our secure online quote request & order form HERE


The Minimum Customer-Provided Information Required to Quote or Manufacture Your Custom Wood Propeller

1)  Maximum forward speed at full power, or maximum vertical speed if for VTOL use ?

2)  Is the propeller to be used for producing vertical or horizontal thrust ?

3)  Cruise speed at approximately 75% power (economy power setting) ?

4)  Maximum horsepower the propeller must absorb at full RPM if using an internal combustion engine ?

5)  Maximum power rating of the electric motor in Kilowatts or the maximum KW's you intend to use to power the Propeller ?

6)  Maximum intended propeller RPM at full power ?

7)  Maximum diameter propeller that will fit your craft with safe clearance all around ?

8)  Direction of rotation as seen with the airflow blowing in your face when the propeller is rotating as intended ?

9)  Add any additional information you believe may be helpful to us to understand your propeller application.

Send us an email providing the above information and we will promptly reply to you with our written quote for your custom propeller !

Email us here:  hoverhawkcorp (at) gmail.com


Maintaining Your Wood Propeller for a Long Life of Service

The amount of maintenance required is dependent primarily on how well you treat your propeller. You must avoid high rpm run-ups in areas with loose sand, gravel or other debris which may be drawn into contact with the blades. Small dings are repairable, but it is always best not to cause them. 

We install in-laid urethane leading edges on our propellers to help protect the leading edges from small stones, sunglasses, sand, abrasive dust and water. If caught out in rain, it is suggested you should reduce power and propeller RPM to lessen the blade damage potential. Rain drops are as hard as rocks when they repeatedly hit propeller blades at over 300 MPH.

If the craft (aircraft, airboat, hovercraft, etc.) is stored outside in the weather you should put a cover on the propeller that will block the Sun's UV rays to protect the finish. The UV will erode propeller coatings and finishes over a short time. The purpose for the paint or varnish on a wood propeller is to protect the underlying porous wood from the outside environment.

If the propeller is stored off the craft, do not keep it in an air-conditioned or heated storage room. This will dry out the wood too much and could cause the propeller to change shape enough to cause vibration in use, or crack. The propeller must be stored with the blades level and horizontal to stay in balance. Otherwise, over time, the internal moisture can creep slowly downhill to the lowest blade due to gravity. Gravity is 100% reliable.

NEVER coat or clean your wood propeller's finish with any wax or cleaning solution containing silicone. If you do, trying to refinishing your propeller with paint or varnish will be a disappointment and a failure.

You may re-paint your complete propeller or only the blades or the tips after roughing up the surface a little with steel wool.  Use an outdoor grade, high quality paint such as a 2-part epoxy paint used on boat hulls, as an example. Be sure to put the same amount of coating on both blades in the same places, or your prop will become out of balance. Do not operate a propeller that is not in balance !  Bad things can happen.


Propeller Math

Tip speed Calculation
RPM X Diameter Inches X .00436 = tip speed in Ft/Sec
The normal maximum tip speed for a wood prop is 900 Ft/Sec
2650 RPM X 68 X .00436 = 786 Ft/Sec

Geometric Pitch Calculation

RPM X Pitch Inches X .000947 = Speed in MPH
This approximates the craft's potential speed
2650 X 60 X .000947 = 150 MPH

Blade Angle Calculation

Pitch divided by Circumference = the arc. tang. = angle in Degrees
To find the angle needed at any blade station for a desired pitch.
Example: 60 inches of pitch, 65 diameter (204" circumference)
60 divided by 204 = 0.2941, then arc. tang of 0.2941 = 16.39 Degrees


Call or email us to request a propeller suggestion, quote or to place your order,
Or use our secure online quote request & order form HERE

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