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Air-cooled diesel and gasoline engines for custom-built hovercraft air cushion pressure lift fans, thrust fans, airboat propellers, for large and small hovercraft.

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Sources for Economical DIESEL, Biofuel and Gasoline Engines

Sources for small air-cooled diesel and gasoline engines


Sources for small air-cooled gasoline engines


Go to site, then search for "engines"
7 to 18 hp engines available




Diesel Engines work particularly well with Sevtec hovercraft (SEV) designs such as the Scout, Vanguard, Prospector, Geoduck and Explorer; and many other hovercraft and airboat designs as well.  Diesel engines are a great choice to make simple air drives for propelling small air boats for flounder fishing, bow fishing and trolling in shallow waters. 

AIR-COOLED DIESEL ENGINES are great replacements for gasoline fueled engines, especially for hovercraft and boats. They are cooled by direct-drive, forced air flow from a built-in blower and do not need a liquid cooling system that could freeze, leak or fail

Diesel fuel is far less volatile than gasoline and is not subject to being set ablaze by an errant spark or open flame (BBQ grill, cigarette, etc.) as is easily vaporized gasoline. So, your safety is greatly enhanced with diesel power.

Diesel engines can burn waste cooking oil, used engine oil or other homemade bio fuel when diesel fuel is unavailable or too pricey.

Diesel engines are more energy efficient, do more work, generate more torque and run longer on a particular volume of fuel than gasoline engines. There is no electrical ignition system or spark plugs to fail since diesel engines self-ignite the fuel using only the heat from their inherent high compression and a mechanically timed injector pump using direct fuel injection into the cylinders. No fussy carburetor or complex electronic fuel injection. A diesel engine is the perfect engine for anything on the water !

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