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Ultralight Aircraft Propellers for Sale !  Lower-Cost, Adjustable-Pitch, Solid Carbon Fiber Composite Propellers for Ultralight and
Experimental Aircraft, Air Boats & More! They Make Excellent Small Engine Airboat Props for Mini-Airboats and Hovercraft as well

Complete Propellers, Replacement Blades and Parts Shipped Same or Next Day with Your Paid Order !

We ship WORLD-WIDE, the Original Ultra-Prop and the new Ultra-Prop II Solid Carbon Fiber Composite Propellers. Use with belt or gear reduction-drive applications and electric direct-drive. Use with 10 to 150 HP for aircraft, airboats, hovercraft, wind machines and more !    

The Ultra-Prop II is about HALF The COST of other Solid carbon fiber composite, adjustable-pitch propellers !

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